What Our Clients Are Saying

“Working with Sarah has yielded brilliant results. I've noticed significant changes to my lung function, movement and wellbeing!”

Katy B

“I've improved in ways I never expected. I no longer have trapped nerves in my back and legs, but I'm also a lot straighter. My shape has changed even though I have not lost weight. I've also gotten much more active and generally I am more mobile. I've been so pleased, I've recommended Sarah to my friends and co-workers”

Andrew G

“I've been seeing Dr. Sarah for 4+ years and have had very good results. I have much more movement and fewer migraines. I like to keep going because I feel so much better after my appointment and for the entire time in between.”

Susan O

“My results from Foundation Chiropractic have been great. I've been to other chiropractors before, but Sarah is different. First, I don't have to travel to see her, she comes to my office. She also always keeps me informed of my progress and gives me advice to help me help myself.”

Michael L

“Dr. Sarah is amazing. She keeps my body working optimally so I can train harder. I never feel rushed during my appointments and always feel great after.”

Elaine R

“I didn't have any pain when I first started chiropractic care with Sarah, but I hated my posture. I tried some physio and foam rolling, but hadn't gotten the results I was wanting. After just a couple of months, my posture has changed dramatically, I still have no pain, and overall, I feel much better!”

Niall T

“I have been seeing Dr. Sarah throughout my pregnancy and now, postpartum. I slept much better as well as moved much better during this pregnancy compared to my last one. Dr. Sarah now looks after the wellbeing of my entire family! The kids always sleep better after an adjustment too (which means so do I!)!”

Hannah T

“I always feel two inches taller after an adjustment with Sarah!”

Denise W