Who We Serve

Our patients range from a couple of minutes old to 94! Neuro-Spinal Correction is safe, gentle and effective for people of all shapes and sizes.


Travelling to Newcastle upon Tyne’s Metro Radio Arena, or Sunderland’s Stadium of Light shouldn’t leave anyone void of chiropractic care.  Our chiropractor is experienced working alongside many professional musical, stage and television performers/directors at multiple venues across the region.


Chiropractic helps pregnant mams feel more comfortable during pregnancy, prepare for a safer, healthier birth and recovery postpartum. Dr. Sarah Howarth has trained extensively in prenatal and postnatal chiropractic. She provides safe, gentle and effective treatment using up to date information, techniques and equipment. She is a Webster Certified chiropractor.


Children of all ages benefit from chiropractic care. Our practice checks babies soon after birth, through their developmental stages and even into their teenage years. Dr. Howarth has extra training in treatments for babies and children to assist them in maintaining healthy happy spines and nerve systems.

Business People and Everyone Else

Due to the mobile nature of the practice, many people, including business people, those in acute pain, or those with travel difficulties, seek out our brand of care. Whether you need appointments on your lunch break, or between meetings, or you just can’t be bothered with traffic and having to find parking, the mobile Neuro-Spinal approach could be for you.

To find out more and schedule a phone or Skype consultation please call 01915111413 or email foundationchirouk@gmail.com.